East African Ocean Archive

East Africa's First Underwater Stock Footage Library

The East African Underwater Film Archive is the first film archive of footage filmed underwater off the East African coast that will act as a visual record of our marine environment. Not only is this a way of being able to showcase the beautiful marine ecosystem and animals we have but it is also a tool for education and conservation and also is a gauge to be able to see the changes in our marine environment over time.


The Archive is a stock footage library for licensing for TV, film or documentaries for both local and international markets with the funds generated being used to for dive exploration along the east African coastline and also to make educational marine films.

The Archive will be managed by Africa Underwater, our partner organisation which is a natural history film and music production studio founded in 2013 by Jahawi. Although based out of Kenya, projects have been completed from the Galapgos Islands in Ecuador all the way to Thailand and Burma in South East Asia. We offer a range of services from underwater and wildlife videography & photography services, music production and score composition through to full film and Documentary Production.

See some of our work below.