Meet the Founders

Jahawi & Elke Bertolli were both born and raised in Kenya and were heavily influenced by the sea from a young age.


Elke grew up in the secluded Lamu Archipelago on the North coast of Kenya where her parents run a small boutique hotel, she has spent her life surrounded by the ocean snorkelling over the coral reefs and swimming with dolphins from when she was just a baby! Elke is a certified rescue diver and budding wildlife and underwater photographer.

Jahawi travelled frequently to the coast from their home in Nairobi, spending as much time as he could in the water. This love has brought him to oceans all over the world as an underwater cameraman to capture life below the waves. He is a professional photographer and videographer on land as well as underwater.

Being ocean babies their desire to protect and encourage interest in this vital part of our planet, starting in their home country, it is what we want to dedicate our lives to and inspire more people to follow suit!

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