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Day 1 - Call of the Humpbacks!

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

On a rough and windy day in August we decided to head out for our first day of filming for the Call of the Humpbacks. We had been at the coast for a few days and Humpback sightings were no were near as frequent as last year, we were in touch with fishermen and the land based team for any up date of sightings so we could get out on the water as soon as possible, but that had so far been unfruitful. We were deterred from venturing out due to rough weather and low chances of whale sighting, but we had come to the coast to film and figured even if we didn't see the whales it would be worth checking out conditions. As Jahawi explained while sharing this project at Jackson Wild Film Festival, our gear was stuck in customs so we were working with old equipment, GoPros and no expectations, check out the video to find out what happened!

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Ocean Explorer
Oct 03, 2019

Hi Jill and welcome to our blog! The water was much clearer then we expected for that time of year, which as you can see is particularly windy!


Oct 02, 2019

that water is outrageously beautiful !!

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