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submerge your horizon

Our ocean is a magical and vital part of our planet, the last unexplored wilderness, through East African Ocean Explores we want to increase our understanding of this wilderness off the East African coast and provide an opportunity for those passionate about our ocean to join us under the waves. 

We need to inspire a new generation of Kenyan Ocean Explorers who will champion marine conservation and and act as an inspiration to young people in their communities. As East African Ocean Explorers we want to provide a platform for passionate people to be able to explore and learn more about the ocean providing workshops, educational films and time in the ocean for young students and scientists from coastal communities to be able to take get in the ocean; whether it be learning how to snorkel, taking a diving course or providing a platform for scientific research.

The only way to to really know what’s out in our ocean is to go out and jump in! We want to know what calls the Indian Ocean off Kenya home, who passes through and what is the state of the marine ecosystem. We want to photograph marine megafauna and feed those pictures into international databases to see from how far away are our pelagic visitors are coming from. We want to document the state of our coral reefs and sea grass beds and make this footage available to scientist studying these environments and create the first underwater film archive for East Africa.



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