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We have worked with some great organizations who share our enthusiasm for the protection and exploration of the ocean, if you would like to work with us or get involved and help with one of our projects please get in touch. To donate please email us for details.

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A multimedia company based out of Kenya specialised in making natural history productions with a focus on the underwater world. Although based out of Kenya we have done projects from the Galapgos Islands in Ecuador all the way to Thailand in South East Asia. We offer a range of services from Underwater and Wildlife Videography & Photography services, Music Production and Score Composition through to full Film and Documentary Production.

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We have worked with NEWF through mentorship of their film labs, and more recently underwater film labs. NEWF LABS are “Hands on” workshops, courses, fellowships and internships that fast track the skills development and capacity building of African nature and wildlife documentary filmmakers and visual storytellers.


The back bone of LamCoT is turtle conservation. In 1992 the rate of decline in turtle numbers was so extreme that Carol Korschen at Peponi Hotel decided to set up a project whereby the community were encouraged to protect turtles rather than kill them or take their eggs. The project has seen incredible results and has expanded hugely since then.

Ex poachers now patrol Shella Beach and Takwa Beach, Manda to prevent the illegal poaching of eggs and mark out new nest sites and monitor them until hatching. 


Kenya Marine Mammal Network

This network aims to provide the first consistent data on occurrence and abundance of marine mammals along the Kenyan coast using sport fishing vessels, diving clubs and NGOs as a platform of opportunity.

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