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Sailing Sala
An East African Journey

Traversing Kenyas Coastline on a Scientific,

Cultural and Personal Journey

Join us aboard Sala, our Freedom 21ft yatch, as we sail Kenya’s coastline. Kenya is a well known destination for the famous safari experience however some visitors to our country have no idea of our diverse Indian Ocean coastline, even some of Kenya’s own have limited knowledge about our shores, let alone dipped in the ocean. So we are going to create a series to showcase Kenyas coastline but what will make this trip a first of its kind is its many different aspects:



The abundant wildlife that lives in our waters and the rich history born of the trade roots and the communities living along our coast.


Showcase what this amazing stretch of coast has to offer and to empower responsibility for the protection of our rapidly changing ocean. Through our journey we will have a mobile cinema for screening educational films about the ocean. We will also arrange interviews with people working on the ocean and making a difference.


Undertaking scientific research through out the trip; documenting and photographing all the marine species we can, Sala will also be kitted out with instruments to record data on ocean conditions and temperature as well as mapping the seascape.


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