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Sponsor an East African Ocean Explorer

At East African Ocean Explorers, we are dedicated to the exploration and conservation of the Ocean and promoting a homegrown love and appreciation of our marine ecosystems.


The Sponsor an Ocean Explorer Program aims at giving an opportunity to a young and motivated East African who has shown a passion for the Ocean to learn how to dive and truly get the chance and skills to explore the underwater world further. This program aims at creating and supporting local Ocean Explorers who can become ambassadors for marine conservation and sources of knowledge in their own communities.

Further than diving, we will also be working with various marine conservation organisations along the Kenyan coast and the sponsorship of an Ocean Explorer can also be as a scholarship or bursary to get an internship at one of these organisations to get time in the field and practical, hands on experience depending on their passion and field of study.

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Workshops & Skill Development

Through our Workshops and Skill Development program, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at East African Ocean Explorers as we believe that the more people can learn about our coastal and marine environments the more they want to protect it.


We will be planning workshops with fishermen, students, scientists and conservationists working in the field of Coastal and Marine Sciences and Conservation to give talks on various subjects of interest.


As passionate water babies ourselves we also believe in the importance of learning water skills and safety properly, especially if you plan on spending time on and in the ocean. We will be hosting officially certified free diving workshops from beginner to advanced levels at the times of year when ocean conditions allow it.

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Educational Materials

Through the East African Ocean Archive and by also working with our key partners in marine conservation we create educational films in both English and Kiswahili. Through these films we hope to educate and instill ownership of our coastal water and the creatures within. These films are available for screenings, we have done a number of screenings along the coast at local schools, community groups and Beach Management Units they have also been distributed through our various partners.


Kenya Submerged - The TV Show

Kenyas first web series featuring the stunning Kenyan coast and it's underwater treasures. Travel with Jahawi & Elke on this 5 part min series to discover what Kenyas coast has to offer. From sailing on the ancient, cultural rich Swahili Coast to tracking down playful dolphins and majestic whales. In this series we'll take you to a place most Kenyans haven't seen diving under the Indian Ocean waves to discover the magic of the underwater world.

Coming Soon.

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