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A Call for Followers

Hello to all ocean explorers and underwater lovers, this post is to ask a favour of you all. For our film ‘The Call of the Humpbacks’, which for those who don’t know is a short artistic and emotive film we are hoping to create about the Humpback Whale migration that passes along the Kenyan coast. Whales are a a big subject in the media at the moment and there has been a lot of positive stories about their numbers having increased drastically, with this film we hope to raise awareness among costal communities in Kenya, many of whom have never seen a whale and really don’t know much about them or how they behave underwater. Through this we hope to encourage communities to feel pride and responsibility to protect these gentle giants of the ocean.

For this project we are hoping to get the first underwater cinematic footage of Humpback Whales in Kenya, although the time of year that the whales choose to come is when our ocean is at its roughest and water visibility is often quite poor. So in order to help us achieve this goal there is the possibility for us to get a grant funded Sofar Trident underwater drone through the National Geographic S.E.E initiative, however there is a clause, we need to get more followers on our National Geographic Open Explorer Blog and for that we need your help.

Please go to our Open Explorer Blog and click ‘FOLLOW’, to help us get this ground breaking, or should we say wave breaking, piece of equipment that will help us capture the footage we need!

Thank you for helping make this possible!

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Ocean Explorer

Thank you for your comments and follows!



Fascinated to see your underwater footage! I was with Watamu Marine Association last week looking for the whales from the shore. Unfortunately I didn't see any - they waited until the next day before they appeared! LOL. You might enjoy my blog "Welcoming the whales in Watamu - a first for Kenya!"



Hongera ndugu! I am/We are following you & with you with all our hearts! Bless & Smile !

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