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Impact talk at ChangeNow

ChangeNOW, is the biggest event of solutions for the planet. This year is was held at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris from 25th - 27th March 2024. During these 3 days, the summit brought together the most innovative solutions and impactful change makers tackling our planet’s biggest challenges, to take action, together.

There were 400 visionary speakers inspiring you to take action. Jahawi was there to give an impact talk about the ocean. The ocean has taken up more than 90% of the excess heat in the climate system (IPPC) and Ocean acidity has increased about 26% since pre-industrial times (UN). Protecting our oceans is a top priority to preserve life on Earth, and each of us has the power to get involved. Jahawi talks about our work highlighting the importance of the underwater world and the connection between the ocean and local coastal communities along the East African coast. You can watch Jahawi's impact talk on Taking Action for the Ocean at ChangeNow 2024 in Paris.

ChangeNOW was held to builds bridges and create opportunities for thousands of key actors of change, in an inspiring and action-oriented event.

During the event, there were:

🌊 35,000 change makers from 120 countries and diverse backgrounds and expertise

🌊 1000 concrete solutions to make a real difference

🌊 200 conferences and workshops where participants can learn and act

🌊 1,200 impact investors who are ready to support your ideas

Find out about our work in film through our production company Africa Underwater and our work in conservation with the Lamu Marine Conservation Trust.

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