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New Nauticams!

We are excited to announce that have our new Nauticam Housings have arrived! The previous underwater rigs we had were Jah's Nauticam housing for his GH3 which has done him well for 6 years, filming across the globe from Thailand to Galapagos, making some great documentaries such as 'The Lamu Archipelago' and Local Managed Marine Areas in Africa. We also have Elke's little underwater set up for the Lumix LX100, which was great to learn on. Although they are both still very much usable the image quality is not up to date with what we could be producing, so getting in these new housings was vital to get better image quality underwater.

On their way in to Kenya they got stuck at customs, Nauticam wanted to support our project and were kind enough to cover the extra fees required to import the housings. So we would like to shout out a huge thank you to Nauticam for their generous support and help towards capturing even better footage of our underwater world!

And here is a little video showing how we ensure our housings are ready for submersion!

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