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Our Nat Geo Open Explorer Expedition Blog Is Live!

We are very excited to announce that our Open Explorer Expedition Blog is now live! Last year we put a grant forward to the National Geographic Society to get funding to capture an exciting migration that visits Kenya, one that little is known about, the Humpback Whale Migration! Our project is now live, if you want to check it out the link is below and follow it as we'll be blogging live from the Indian Ocean throughout the expedition.

These incredible marine mammals visit the Kenyan coast from July to October and this annual migration has only been monitored with in the last decade. So we are very excited to embark on a mission to create a short artistic film to share with you the story of these whales in Kenya. Of course as with all wildlife film making there are challenges; the time of year that the Humpbacks grace our shores is when our ocean is at its roughest, so conditions to film, especially underwater are not ideal. We are hoping that the winds and swell will calm enough by the end of September so we can capture the whales underwater in Kenya for the first time!

Our founder, Jahawi, has just come back from a busy week in Washington DC at the National Geographic Explorers Festival, networking and getting advice from some of the most inspiring and influential ocean lovers from across the globe. And we have just heard from the Watamu Marine Association and Kenya Marine Mammal Network that the first Humpbacks has been sighted off Watamu! We have some exciting new equipment being delivered to help us to capture the best shots we can, so the next month will be spent getting our selves geared up, then we head to the coast.


The link to our Nat Geo Open Explorer Page:

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