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Planet Defenders!

Jahawi was chosen to be part of this empowering new six-part series for CBBC, which follows passionate and charismatic young filmmakers battling to protect the planet. They each focus on an endangered animal and discover more about the threats faced these animals, their environment and what can be done to conserve and protect them.

Made by BBC Studios Natural History Unit, each film is self-authored and features a specific animal story or wildlife issue that the young filmmakers want to share with the world.

Here’s the intro of our episode:

Jahawi is an award winning wildlife filmmaker, a National Geographic Explorer, ILCP Associate Photographer and music producer from Kenya. Growing up on the Kenyan coast, he was inspired to make films about the natural world, particularly marine conservation. He went on to train as a wildlife cameraman, specialising in underwater filming, so he could tell stories about the unseen world of our oceans. He is also a champion free-diver.

Defenders embraces the individuality and personality of each filmmaker as they take young viewers along with them on their personal and inspiring journeys.

In Planet Defenders, Jahawi takes the audience on a journey to meet the Kinyika dolphins and reveals more about how he is working to protect them. Working with the Kenyan Marine Mammal Network, Jahawi is hoping to get the area protected as a marine reserve before it is too late.

Watch the show:

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