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The Educational Pack: Bahari Yetu

To ensure that our film, Bahari Yetu, could make a bigger impact than sharing an important message and creating conversation, we have created an educational pack to accompany it.

We want this film to be seen and create awareness in as many place and communities as possible. Currently we show it and other educational films through a pop up mobile cinema in Lamu and it has been shown at a few schools along the Kenyan coast, also as the film is free to watch online it can be accessed by anyone with the ability to watch it. We hope we can get it screened in more schools through out the country and maybe even further!

In order to teach, those teaching must have an understanding and be confident to explain the subject, and often not many people have much knowledge on the ocean. So this educational pack was mainly made to aid teachers in creating more conversations and sharing more knowledge once the kids have seen Bahari Yetu, that is why it comes in both English and Swahili. It is full of information on the different animals and ecosystems in the ocean as well as fun and interactive activities for the kids to get involved in.

Check it out and download your free copy here, in the making a difference section.

If you have trouble accessing the film please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

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