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The First Kenya Dive and Story Lab!

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

When we first set up East African Ocean Explorers, one of our main goals was to get more people, more Kenyans, more East Africans, underwater and to fall in love with this magical world. Thanks to NEWF and with the help of National Geographic we are making a step in that direction!

NEWF have hosted a number of Underwater Dive Labs based in South Africa and more recently one in Tanzania, with participants from across the continent. The aim of these Labs is to provide dive training and film workshops for filmmakers, storytellers and scientists in order to broaden the scope of these talented individuals by providing them with accredited diving certifications as well as and insight into the development and production of underwater films.

Today marks the start of our first Dive Lab in Kenya, one we aim to be the first of many, with further Dive Labs open to applicant from across East Africa.

We need as many Ocean Ambassadors as we can get in order to protect this vital, life sustaining part of our planet!

To find out more about the Dive & Story Lab click here

To find out more about NEWF check out their website

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