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You and Our Planet

The Royal Society have put together a selection of very interesting online events on the effects we have on our planet. Through interviews and panels they are explaining ways in which we can do things differently because human activity is changing the way our planet functions and it is no longer sustainable.

For their oceans event they interviewed National Geographic explores and other experts at the helm of the fight to save our seas.

The event was hosted by wildlife biologist and presenter, Lizzie Daly, who was joined by:

  • Diva Amon, Deep-sea biologist, 2020 National Geographic Emerging Explorer and Director of SpeSeas

  • Jahawi Bertolli, 2019 National Geographic Explorer, CBBC Planet Defender, professional underwater and wildlife film maker and photographer

  • Angela Hatton, Director of Science and Technology at the National Oceanography Centre

  • Richard Thompson, Professor of Marine Biology and Director of the Marine Institute at the University of Plymouth

To watch the online event visit the Royal Society YouTube Chanel

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