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EcoFlix: The Pulse

Check out this new show our founders Jahawi and Elke are involved with, it is called 'The Pulse'. A weekly news programme looking at current issues relating to wildlife and the environment around the world! Jahawi will be co-presenting this show with Ella Meek, co-founder of Kids Against Plastic.

Ecoflix is the worlds first not-for-profit global streaming platform, dedicated to driving change to save animals and the planet.

" 0% for profit, 100% for the planet. Our passion is protecting wildlife and the natural world. It is our mission to share uplifting and informative content to provide a daily shot of hope and inspiration, empowering like-minded change makers across the globe to join our movement. "

There are already 3 episodes uploaded and more to come every week. The website also has a growing selection of other programmes and, our favourite part of the website is their interactive map. Anyone from anywhere in the world can upload their own wildlife video with the chance of it being showcased on the site.

To find out more check out the website:

Or to make it even easier there is an Ecoflix App.

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